Best Prisma Alternatives For Photo Editing on Android, iOS

The photos edited with Prisma App going viral on social media sites like Snapchat, Instagram, etc. and with that, the craze of people for trying this App is growing leaps and bound. But it is disheartening to find that this App is available to be downloaded only on iPhone/iPad. Although the App is soon to be launched for the Android Platform also, the craze of the people is letting them search for the Apps similar like Prisma APK.

There are endless photo-editing Apps in the market and each day 100s of more adds to the list. So, it becomes desperate to search for the best App and explore its features. We are here to help you with that. Our search is based on the Apps having features almost similar to the Prisma App. This list will help you to get a clear idea about what Prisma App would be like for you.apps like prisma photo editing app

Apps Like Prisma For Editing Photos

The Prisma App alternatives enlisted here can be used to get almost the same effect as that of Prisma App. No app can match the incredible creativity and filters of the Prisma App. To satiate your desire for using any Prisma like App, we are enlisting here the best options for you.

  1. PicsArt: This is a selective photo editing App, which has an ‘Artistic’ section containing various interesting effects like pastel, poster, and gouache, etc. These results match the creative abilities of Prisma to some extent. Although, these filters are not as detailed as Prisma, at least they work faster and sometimes even better than all of its rivals. Its ability to generate animated GIFs and videos earns various laurels for it. As the App has got its social network, you can see a lot of photos edited in this App as a sample. This App is available only for the iOS users. It is one of the best-competing alternatives of Prisma. Android | iOS.
  2. Dreamscope: Dreamscope is again an iOS-based App. It also does the same work of transforming your pictures into paintings. The App provides us an opportunity to opt from some effects like oil paint, sketch, pastel, pencil sketch, watercolor and much more. It gives us more features and options than Prisma. As regards the quality of resulting image, we can say that the resulting image produced by this App is very much similar to that of Prisma, but the pace and speed at which this App applies the effects on the photos doesn’t near Prisma anywhere. Prisma is way quicker to implement these intricate effects as compared to Dreamscope App. This App doesn’t even notify about the completion of the task.
  3. Photo Lab: It is one of the best, oldest and popular photo filtering apps. It is known more for its montages and effects. It has an ‘Artistic Effects’ folder which contains various effects like Prisma. Antique oil painting, fusion painting and charcoal drawing, etc. are some of its much talked about effects. These are awesome. But Prisma Apps artistic taste and speed is unmatchable for this App also. Though, by buying the Pro version of the App, you can even get some more effects of this type. Android | iOS.
  4. SuperPhoto: This App seems to trump Prisma with its lots of cool effects. It has more than 200 effects in its free App and more than 1500 results in its full version. This App is all about the effects. You can get a glimpse of some of the best pictures shared by the community by editing on this App. Like Prisma, it also enables us to adjust the intensity of the effects, smoothness and the final size of the picture. This App is available for downloading on Android as well as iOS platform.
  5. Pikazo: Renowned artist Picasso inspires the name of this App. The decorative features of this App are also exceptional and very creative. This is again an iPhone based App. The artistic features are compatible with Prisma. But as regards the variety of effects offered by Prisma, this App stands nowhere.

Now, with so many Apps to edit your photos, you can convert any of your average photo to an artistic or creative one. These Apps are just some reasonable alternatives to the Prisma App. But I am sure, that once you start to use Prisma App, you will not leave it for its artistic flavor and speed. Just wait until the end of this month to get the Android version of the Prisma app and then decide for yourself about the App, which works best for you. Until then, Happy editing!