Prisma APK Download For Android, iPhone, iPad & PC

Prisma APK Download: Every new thing released to the market with a lot of features is trending nowadays. Prisma is one of them. Photos carry a lot of emotions and memories with our life journey. Taking a picture, edit instantly and sharing it on Instagram, Facebook, and another social media has become one of the common things for teenagers to senior citizens.

But converting an Image into an artwork is the new trend took with Prisma application. It is firstly released to iOS gadgets and developers planned to release to Android as well. The main part of this article is to provide legal Prisma APK for every photo maniac.prisma apk latest downloads

Prisma APK Download For Android

Prisma APK is for people who can’t Install Prisma Photo editing application from the official Play store. Prisma.APK can be installed on any Android devices like Samsung, HTC, Moto, Sony, & other branded smartphones. Prisma APK can be installed on PC’s & Laptops as well.

There are so many photo editing applications like Prisma are available for mobiles but unique this Prisma carry is Artwork filters created by world famous artists like Picasso, Munk, Van Gogh as well as world famous ornaments and patterns.

Download: Prisma APK

Russian developer Alexey Moiseenkov developed Prisma Application (Russian software house Prisma Labs). This app is built with modern artificial intelligent cloud processing to apply filters to the images.

Prisma APK Features & Specifications on Android

  1. The size of the Prisma APK: 15MB.
  2. It comes with Photography applications.
  3. With the clear & simple interface, I can’t take my eyes off it.
  4. When you open the Prisma, half of the screen used for the camera to take the picture directly.
  5. There are options provided like universal camera app to turn flashlight and other things.
  6. Once you take the picture, you have the option to crop it and make it as an Artwork using filters.
  7. 30+ artistic filters are available in the application.
  8. The intensity of the filter can be altered by swiping right & left of the image.
  9. There is filters suit for persons, animals, landscapes, automobiles & much more.


Every time if one new application releases to the market, there is much buzz around the world. Prisma has been making a loud buzz for picture maniacs. Once you use Prisma application on your device, I’m sure you fall in love with it.