When Does Prisma Photo Editing App Release To Android Devices?

There is an unstoppable race in the market for adding unique features to the pre-existing Apps. Photo editing App is nothing new. In keeping the memories fresh, photos and videos play their distinctive and definite role. When we see any old video or photo, we feel like as if we are reliving the moments that have passed.

Little everyday moments, some special occasion, a friend’s home dinner and the moments like that make us believe that we will not forget them ever in our life. But down the road of aging, we find that some of the details of that moment have faded. With the passing years, our memory becomes incapable of recalling each and every part of that moment. Here is where these not so perfectly shot; photos and videos come to fulfill their role. And this is where Prisma App comes as a great help. It contributes to beautify your memories which were not otherwise so beautifully shot.prisma app releasing date for android

Prisma Releasing Date For Android Devices

People are crazy about sharing anything that relates to their life. They take selfies, brealfies, belfies and now even selfeets. Sweeping every photo on Instagram or Facebook without any delay seems to be a pursuit for a large section of people around the world.

Prisma beta version was released on July 19th, 2016 for signed up users but due to immense access with APK file uploaded to the web. Prisma official developers stopped the access to it on July 20th, 2016 for now. 

From giving a shower to a dog to changing diaper of a baby, from buying a new sunglass to selling a home, from getting ready in the room to getting naked, everything is now-a-day shot and then shared instantly on Instagram and Facebook without giving any thought. Although we cannot draw the social limits of these photos, at least we can draw an outline for these pictures to look beautiful. Prisma App provides an excellent instant solution for this.

What if these photos and videos are perfected and made artistic for the future? This is a fabulous idea if it doesn’t require much time in this continuously running world, right? Here is where Prisma iOS App comes as a savior. With the increasing craze of people for sharing their photos instantly on Facebook and Instagram, there comes the need of perfecting the photos instantly without any delay. This is where Prisma App comes with its perfectly unexplored features.