How To Use Prisma Photo Application Filters on Android, iOS & PC

As one of the new trends of Prisma Photo App, every corner of the world can recognize edited pics, videos using Prisma. There is not at all any of use if you don’t know, how to use Prisma application on Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, And Laptop. In this post, I will explain how to use Prisma to take pictures and edit them like an artwork.

captured image with prisma photo app
Image To Be Edited Using Prisma Filters

Here, I have captured a mere picture of the coffee mug with Prisma App on the iPhone. Once you are done with capturing a photo, you will be taken to a screen where you can crop your photo or rotate it. When you are done with the changes you wanted to make to your photo, click ‘Next’.The final screen is for all sorts of filter embedded in the App. The screen that you see next is divided into two parts. The top half shows the preview of the photo with the filter effect and the bottom part shows different filters and the share buttons.

How To Use A Filter on Prisma Photo Editing App

As you can see, some filter effects appear in the below part of the screen. You can browse them just by swiping them left or right. The filters that you see below aren’t live at all; they are just the examples. You will get the live preview in the upper pane of the window. Just tap the thumbnail of the filter to apply it to your pic.Prisma Filters apply screenThe filters are terrific. You can try all of them within seconds to find which is best for your needs and taste.

I have applied ‘Dreams‘ filter to my simple mg image and see how it got transformed into an artwork in the fraction of seconds.Applying Prisma Dreams filter

The artwork is created using Prisma dreams filter. artwork created using prisma dreams filterTo increase of decrease any filter’s side effect, just slide your fingers over the photo preview while applying filters and you are all done.saving edited imageNow, you can save this image for any later use. Or you can instantly share it on Facebook or Instagram App directly. A direct link for sharing is present in the App itself.

How To Remove Prisma Watermark

Whenever you take any pic with Prisma App, or you edit any pic with that, a Prisma watermark appears in the corner of the pic. But we can remove watermark quickly.

For doing this, go to the Settings and search for the ‘Enable Watermarks’ option. Once you find it, just turn it off. It will remove all the watermarks in all of your saved pics.disable watermarks option on Prisma appIn Prisma, there is also an option of keeping the original photos also. Even the artworks get saved automatically. Seriously, Prisma App is very amazing and for the people with artistic sides, it is the most vibrant and catchy.

If you have downloaded this App and used it, please do share your experience with us.